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ACC Staff Contacts: 
Gerald Deutsch, President - 610-360-5602 
Dave Roth, Vice President - 610-261-2884 
Shelby Bright, Office Secretary - 610-261-2884


I. Hall

What is included in the cost of renting the pavilion?
Your rental includes the use of the entire facility: Chairs, Tables, PA system, TV's, DVD player, Bar, Kitchen, Ovens, Coffee system, Rest rooms, Gazebo, all refrigeration with exception of the walk-in cooler ($25 per day extra).

What is your office phone number?


When is the best time to come see your facility?
Our office hours are from 8am-4pm Monday-Friday, please call prior to your arrival. Evening hours are available by appointment only.

What do we do in the case of inclement weather? 
Our facility is set up for both indoor and outdoor facility. In the case of bad weather, keep all pavilion and garage doors closed, and hold your event inside.

Is there heat/air conditioning?
Only heat, no air conditioning. In the summer, there is a beautiful breeze through the facility with the garage doors open. If this is not enough, there are fans on the ceiling.

What is the absolute latest we can be in the building? 
We expect you to place all table and chairs back on their racks, sweep up the floor, place all garbage in the dumpster and be out of our facility by 11:30 PM. Our staff will be arriving to clean at that time for the next days' rental.

What are the hours we may use the hall?
Your rental hours are from 7:00 am until 11:30 pm. Entering the pavilion on a day prior to your rental date must be by special permission. 

Why can't we have loud music after 10pm?
There is a Borough of Coplay ordinance forbidding music after 10:00 PM.

May we hire a DJ?
DJ's are permitted.

Can we use the gazebo outside?
The gazebo is included in the cost of your rental. Chairs may be used at the gazebo for any ceremony. 

Can we hang decorations from the ceiling?
Decoration are permitted on the side walls, not on high ceiling unless given permission. Please remove all tape after removal of decorations.

What kind of sound system do you have?
We have a wireless microphone, PA system, and CD player which are all controlled from the stage.

Can we use slideshows on DVDs during our event?
The center TV's are setup for a DVD player. Turn TV on, push DVD button under TV, insert the DVD in player in the electrical room. 

How many people does the hall hold?
The hall can seat 350 people.

What are the dimensions of the hall?
The hall is 60 ft. x 110 ft.

Do you have an event designer you can refer us to?
We do recommend the following: Dream Events, Elegance Remembered & Tropical Sunset Vacations.

Who can we call if there is an emergency or questions during the event?
Call Jerry at 610-360-5602 or Dennis at 610-390-1383.

Where can we park once the lot is full?
Additional parking is available between the Pavilion lot and the Hoagie Shop lot. Absolutely no parking on the lawns around the pavilion.

What do we do if the cigarette urns catch on fire?
Please ask all guests to put their cigarettes out before they put them in the urns. If the urns start smoking, please promptly get water, lift the top part of the urn off, and pour the water into the base.

II. Tables & Chairs
Do you have tables and chairs we can use?
We have 30 - 5' round tables (seats 6 to 8) requires 7' table cloths, also 6' (seats 6) & 8' (seats 8) rectangular tables. We do not furnish table cloths, they can be rented or purchased.

May we use candles as part of our centerpieces? 
Candles are permitted on tables. Absolutely NO SMOKING in pavilion at any time. Smoking is permitted outside the pavilion. Please use cigarette receptacles.

Where can we put the racks during our event?
Additional chairs, tables, and racks can be parked on the Rails To Trails side apron. Absolutely NO tables or chairs are to be left outside overnight.

Do we have to set up the tables by ourselves?
You are required to setup your own chairs and tables and remove them and place them back the racks.

III. Kitchen
Is there a coffee system? 
Yes, there is a commercial type coffee brewing system, complete with carafes for regular and decaf coffee. 
Filters are provided, but you are required to bring your own coffee, cups, and condiments. Operating instructions are posted behind the unit.

Must we bring our own silverware and plates?
You are required to bring your own plates and silverware.

May we use the walk-in cooler?
Yes, you may use the walk-in cooler, but there is an additional $25 charge.

Does ACC offer catering, or must we find an outside catering company?
We do not offer catering, you must find an outside catering company.

Is there a catering company you can refer us to?
Yes, Fairview Catering and Samuel Owens.

Do you have deep fryers? If not, may we bring our own?
We do not have deep fryers and you may not bring your own as our insurance does not cover them.

Is there refrigeration?
Yes. We have a bottle cooler behind the bar. There is also a refrigerator, walk-in cooler (for an additional charge) and freezer in the kitchen.

If we buy our own ice, where can we store it?
In the freezer located in the kitchen. Please do NOT store ice in any refrigerators. 

IV. Bathrooms
Where can we find extra paper towels, toilet paper, or soap if we run out? 

These items are located in the handicap stall cabinet.

Are we responsible to clean the bathrooms before we go? 
Our cleaning staff will take of restroom clean up.

Can the PA system or sound system be heard in the bathrooms as well?


V. Bar
Is there an ice maker?

No, we do not have an ice maker.

Is there a bottle cooler?


Can we hire a bartender through ACC?


What is the cost of an ACC bartender? How many do we need?
ACC bartenders are $12/hr, we recommend 1 per every 100 guests.

Can we tip the bartenders? 
Absolutely. We encourage you to tip our bartenders.

Can we sell alcohol at our event? 
No. You may serve alcohol, but you may not sell it.

Do you have taps? What about pitchers? We have both.

Can you recommend any beer distributors to us?
Hokey Beverage, 3144 North Front St. Whitehall, PA @610-443-0470. They key to our place and will deliver for you.

If we have extra beer after our event and we don't want it, what can we do with it? 
Anything unopened will be credited to you by Hokey Beverage. Anything already opened will be billed to you and removed by Hokey Beverage.

VI. Clean Up
What are we responsible for as far as cleaning up goes after our event?
Break down all chairs and tables, return them to the carts up front, sweep up the floor, take all the trash out to the dumpster, remove all decorations.

Can we hire someone to clean up when we're done?


If we hire your clean up crew, what are we responsible for before we leave?
Make sure nothing is left on the tables and all decorations are taken down.

What is the cost of your clean up crew? 
If you require clean up after your event, the cost is $1 per person.

Do we have to sweep the floors when we're done?


If we don't clean up properly, can we still have our deposit back? 
No, not cleaning up will result in losing your security deposit.

VII. Keys
When can we pick up our keys?

Anytime the week prior to your event. Our office ours are 8am-4pm Monday through Friday.

What if we can't make it to the office by 4pm?
We can arrange to meet you later in the evening, please call our office to make an appointment.

Do you have a drop box for the keys when our event is over?
Yes, if you come to the side of the warehouse, there is a drop box on the middle door.

When can we get our deposit back?
We will mail the deposit back the Monday after your event.

Do we only get one set of keys? 
Yes, unless otherwise arranged.



Please visit our website at for additional information, pricing, and pictures.
Also, check out our Facebook page.

Here at ACC, we strive to give our customers the very best.
If you have a question that was not covered on this list, please do not hesitate to call our office.
We would be more than happy to help you.

Thank you for choosing A C C !

Jerry Deutsch, President 
& Shelby Bright, Secretary

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