Snap Raffle

Results of the September 14th Raffle:

$500.00 Accumulating Prize - #7 Jay Ambearle (Winner!)
Guaranteed $100 Door Prize - #284 Zachary Kromer (not present)

SNAP raffles have become a popular Saturday night activity at the ACC in recent years. These raffles are held around the second Saturday of the month (see Calendar of Events) for exact dates. Prizes can vary from $100 to $500 with a guaranteed $100 door prize each month. For the accumulating prize(s), one number is drawn, per prize, from the membership drum. If PRESENT, you win the value of the prize. If NOT PRESENT, $100 is added to the accumulating prize, up to a maximum of $500. In addition to the accumulating prize(s), one guaranteed $100 door prize is drawn from the same membership drum.


Next Snap Raffle - December 7, 2019

Accumulating Prize - $200
Guaranteed $100 Door Prize

Picnic Drawings

Turkey/Cash Raffle, 11/17/19

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