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Hoagie Shop Tour

Our process starts with Lusitania rolls, baked and delivered the same day we prepare the hoagies

This is the beginning of the hoagie assembly line.The rolls are sliced by hand and placed on the belt ready for all of our ingredients to be added.

The first thing to go on the roll is two slices of white american cheese.

Next we add three slices or Hormel oval spiced ham.

Then we put on three slices of Swift Premium Hard Salami.

One slice of square cooked ham is the last piece of meat to go on the hoagie

Our lettuce mixture goes on next (lettuce, onions, oil, vinegar, oregano).

Then it is topped off with tomatoes and hot peppers.

The finished hoagie is wrapped…

then placed in a plastic bag and sealed with a colored tie for identification.

The hoagies are then counted and boxed ready to be picked up at our shop.

We hope you've enjoyed the tour of our hoagie shop! If your group or organization would like to sell hoagies for fundraisers, please give us a call. We would be glad to make them for you!

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